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We are a leading North American manufacturer and marketer of non-powered lawn and garden products including tools and decorative accessories.
Utilizing a variety of brand names, we manufacture and market one of the broadest product portfolios in the non-powered lawn and garden industry. We currently offer 14 distinct product lines, anchored by two core product categories: long handle tools and wheelbarrows.
We believe that, as a result of our high product quality, high level of customer service and strong customer relationships, we have earned market-leading positions in the following six product lines: long handle tools, wheelbarrows, snow tools, striking tools, lawn carts and repair handles.
The following is a description of each of our product lines:
Long Handle Tools: Our long handle tool product offering consists of shovels, spades, scoops, rakes, hoes, cultivators, weeders, post hole diggers, scrapers, edgers, forks and hooks. We offer numerous types of heads, including plastic and steel, and various handles manufactured from wood, engineered polymers and fiberglass. We currently offer over 1,600 SKUs in this category. Long handle tools are marketed under numerous brand names including Ames, True Temper, Jackson Professional Tools, Union Tools, Razor-Back, Garant and more.
Wheelbarrows: We manufacture a full line of wheelbarrows, primarily under the True Temper, Jackson and Garant brand names. We offer both poly and steel wheelbarrows at a full range of price points for a multitude of tasks.

Planters: With our acquisition of Dynamic Design, we became a supplier of plastic and foam flower pots, outdoor planters, window boxes, indoor planters and hanging baskets. We source most of our pots and planters line from manufacturing facilities abroad. All of our pots and planters are sold under the Dynamic Design brand. Recently, for both indoor and outdoor use, we introduced the Ceramic-Lite series of polyurethane-molded planters and urns designed to look like glazed and polished ceramic pots. We also added a new line of fiberglass pots and planters in 2005.
Hose Reels: We sell rotating, portable, freestanding and swivel hose reels for the home gardener and industrial customer. Hose reels are designed to keep hoses from getting tangled, while providing compact storage of hoses when not in use. Our hose reels are available in portable, wheeled and wall-mount versions. We also offer a line of patio and deck hose reels. We market our hose reels under the Ames brand name.

Snow Tools: We manufacture and distribute numerous types of snow tools, including shovels, pushers, roof rakes, sled scoops, and ice scrapers, with plastic, steel and aluminum heads. We recently introduced our new Snow Plow which clears snow significantly faster than traditional shovels and is designed to remove snow without heavy lifting, which is appealing to many older consumers. We make these products under the Ames, Garant and True Temper brand names.

Striking Tools: We offer a wide range of striking tools, including axes, picks, mallets, mauls, wood splitters and sledgehammers. These products are marketed under the True Temper, Jackson Professional Tools, Garant and Woodings brand names.

Decorative Accessories: We offer a wide variety of poly accessories, including edging, fencing, splash blocks and trellises marketed under the Ames brand.

Lawn Carts: Lawn carts typically are used for transporting everything from plants and mulches to garden debris, sticks and rocks. Lawn carts have molded-in tool holders for ease of carrying tools. Their flat bottom design is useful for carrying plants and easy dumping. Our lawn carts are marketed under the Ames brand.

Pruning Tools: We offer a broad line of pruning tools, including grass, pruning, lopping, hedge and pole pruning tools, as well as a variety of trimming saws and cutting tools.

Repair Handles: We manufacture an extensive line of repair handles for lawn and garden tools, such as long handle tools, snow tools and striking tools. Our repair handles are marketed under our Garant and IXL brand names.

Garden Hoses: We supply light, medium and heavy-duty garden hoses.
Product Development
Our product development efforts focus on new products and product line extensions.
We develop products through our in-house engineering staff and through our relationships with a number of outside product engineering and design firms. In addition, starting in 2002, we established "core teams" to introduce new products more quickly and cost efficiently. The core teams, headed by each product category's marketing director, consist of eight members, one from each functional department. These core teams are empowered to execute the respective category's strategic plan.
Sales & Marketing
Our sales organization is structured by distribution channel in the U.S. and by country internationally. In the U.S., we have dedicated a team of sales professionals to each of our large retail customers. We maintain offices adjacent to each of our three largest customers' headquarters, as well as in-house dedicated sales analysts. In addition, we have assigned sales professionals to our domestic wholesale and industrial distribution channels. We also have sales teams located in Canada and Ireland to handle our Canadian and European sales efforts, respectively.
To assist our clients in marketing our products and responding to new customer trends, the core teams, headed by a product-marketing director focused on each product line. Each team is responsible for implementing category-specific marketing strategies, including SKU rationalization and support for key accounts.
We offer internal graphic capabilities to design catalogs, labels, point of sale and other sales materials. In addition, we monitor point of sale and sell-through activity to identify product opportunities and develop merchandizing programs to help our customers achieve their sales objectives. We also work closely with external research firms, design studios and product engineering organizations to identify and capitalize on emerging consumer and professional trends.

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