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Healthy Lawns: Learn how to dethatch your lawn

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1. Thatch is a matted layer of dead grass, weeds and debris that builds up next to the soil which prevents water and nutrients from reaching grass roots. If thatch is one inch thick or more, then dethatching is needed. For less than one inch of thatch, aerating is suggested.

2. For thick layers of thatch, a thatch rake is recommended. Using this tool in a push / pull motion will rip out thatch and dig into the soil. Digging into the soil will prepare the lawn to be reseeded and or fertilizer to be added.

3. Use leaf rakes and a tarp to gather and remove the dead thatch and material from lawn. If the lawn is chemical free, add this thatch to your composting. If chemicals have been used on the lawn, put the thatch in recyclable bags for disposal.

4. Now is the time to re-seed and or fertilize your lawn. The lawn will not look pretty at first, but removing the thatch will allow new seed to grow, and allows water and fertilizer to reach existing root system for a healthy lawn.

5. Water the lawn as needed to keep moist, and promote healthy growth.

Insider Tip: Thatching rake removes thatch build-up to create a healthier lawn.

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